RECLA (Red de Educación Continua de Latinoamérica y Europa, Continuing Education Network for Latin America and Europe) is a non-profit organization formally registered in 1997.

RECLA facilitates networking and internationalization by sharing experiences and best practices and by providing access to new knowledge. All this is possible with the collaboration of people and institutions, which ensures strong long-term bonds.

We understand and define continuing education as follows:

It is an education method that complements the formal system, aimed at anyone who, at any point in their life, decides to seek out flexible and current options for training, updates, specialization, or improvement in different knowledge areas that help strengthen their skills and general development as a person, or in response to the competitive demands of the labor market.

Firma Convenio AMPESC. IACEE, AEEN. Renovación de Isologo
Firma convenio AUALCPI y OUI – IOHE
Agreement signed with AUGM and UNESCO-OREALC. Scholarship program is launched.
Agreement signed with ABED and UNESCO-IESLC.
Creation of internship program and RECLA awards.
Participated in the SINCERE project (Supporting International Networking on Educational Research).
Association reached 33 members.
RECLA originated in the CEC project from the Columbus program.
Agreement signed with EUCEN and UPCEA.
Launch of online newsletter and key points in continuing education. Association reached 54 members. Agreement signed with AUIP and Virtual Educa.
Participated in TRALL project (Transatlantic Lifelong Learning: Rebalancing Relations). Regional events began. Agreement signed with RUEPEP and AMECYD.
Participated in the ALFA quality project.
Eight universities in Latin America and Europe signed RECLA’s articles of incorporation.

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