RECLA’s purpose is to encourage the development of continuing education in order to achieve the highest possible standards of academic and administrative quality, and to contribute to the development of a more just and balanced society.


The Association promotes the following activities:

  • Bring together higher education institutions based in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe that implement or plan to implement continuing education activities.
  • Influence the policies passed by national governments to develop continuing education.
  • Serve as a forum in which to debate and analyze issues related to continuing education on an ongoing basis, and research implementation strategies.
  • Serve as a communication channel for its members, in order to share activities taking place at the various institutions.
  • Establish and maintain relationships among its members and with similar institutions, networks, and associations in Europe, North America, and other regions.
  • Encourage and promote interest in continuing education.
  • Advise its members as needed on topics related to managing continuing education.
  • Manage resources for continuing education project submission.
  • Encourage and promote the exchange of continuing education resources, programs, and students among its members.

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