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23rd Conference
“Continuing Education and Sustainable Development”
Medellín, Colombia. October 2018.

22nd Conference
“Strategies for the Internationalization of Higher Education”
Seville, Spain. October 2017.

21st Conference
“University Continuing Education Planning”
Santiago, Chile. October 2016.

20th Conference
“Continuing Education: Avenues for Innovation”
Guadalajara, Mexico. October 2015.

19th Conference
“Continuing Education: Challenges and New Models Toward Sustainability”
Cartagena, Colombia. October 2014.

18th Conference
“Training for Transformation; Learning for Action”
Valencia, Spain. October 2013.

17th Conference
“High-Impact Continuing Education: A bridge to Economic and Social Development”
Cordoba, Argentina. October 2012.

16th Conference
“Continuing Education: Ideas, Actions, and Results”
San Jose, Costa Rica. September 2011.

15th Conference
“Virtual Technology: A Challenge for Continuing Education”
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. July 2010.

14th Conference
“Best Practices in Continuing Education”
Sao Paulo, Brazil. October 2009.

13th Conference
“Universities and Businesses Facing the Challenge of Social Responsibility: The Role of Continuing Education”
Barcelona, Spain. June 2008.

12th Conference
“Continuing Education Challenges in Business Training: Businesses and Universities Developing Human Resources”
Loja, Ecuador. March 2007.

11th Conference
“Continuing Education and its Impact on the Work Environment”
Lima, Peru. November 2005.

10th Conference
“Workshop: Competencies and Skills in Continuing Education and Business Training”
Guadalajara, Mexico. 2004.

9th Conference
“Workshop: Processes and Experiences with International Accreditation, Management, and Certification of Continuing Education Quality and Business Training”
Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. November 2003.

8th Conference
“Workshop: Current Challenges in Managing Continuing Education (Trends and Critical Factors for Success)”
Puerto Alegre, Brazil. November 2002.

7th Conference
“Online Continuing Education”
San Jose, Costa Rica. November 2001.

6th Conference
“Negotiation and Conflict Management”
Porto, Portugal. 2000.

5th Conference
“Workshop: Competencies and Skills of Continuing Education Center Authorities”
Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1999.

4th Conference Workshop
“Role and Usage of Distance Learning: New Communications Technologies”
Mexico City, Mexico. September 1998.

3rd Conference
“Marketing Continuing Education”
Bogotá, Colombia. December 1997.

2nd Conference and First Workshop
“Managing Continuing Education Centers”
Concepción, Chile. November 1995.

1st General Conference
Piracicaba, Brazil. 1994.

8th Conference
“University, Business, Government Ties”
Panama City, Panama. May 2018.

7th Conference
“New Generations, New Challenges, New Societies”
Quito, Ecuador. April 2017.

6th Conference
“Challenges and Opportunities in Continuing Education in Latin America; Perspectives from Society, Business, Government, and Academia”
Bogotá, Colombia. April 2016.

5th Conference
“University + Society”
Montevideo, Uruguay. April 2015.

4th Conference
“Continuing Education: Managing Sociocultural Relevance and Learning”
Guanacaste, Costa Rica. February 2014.

3rd Conference
“Continuing Education and Internationalization in International Projects and Networks”
Puebla, Mexico. May 2013.

2nd Conference
“Trends in Continuing Education: A Revitalizing Strategy in Latin America and Europe”
Guayaquil, Ecuador. June 2012.

1st Conference
“Continuing Education as a New Opportunity for Ibero-American Universities”
Buenos Aires, Argentina. July 2011.

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