RECLA (Red de Educación Continua de Latinoamérica y Europa, Continuing Education Network for Latin America and Europe) has been committed to best practices, innovation, and strengthening of continuing education since 2012. It encourages internships among RECLA members in order to train and develop continuing or ongoing education managers from RECLA’s member universities, according to the guidelines and topics stated below.


We brought back to Uruguay lessons, new ideas, and experiences that we believe will be of great value for our work in the future.

– Universidad de la República, Uruguay

The experience was very positive and we recommend it to all universities in the Network.

– Universidad Blas Pascal – Argentina

The program was very beneficial to our university. We hope to continue working together when there are future opportunities.

– Universidad Autónoma de Baja California – México

It was an extraordinary experience; the hosts were very organized, and their assistance was particularly excellent.

– Universidad de Colima – México

The assistance from the host university personnel was great, and we were enriched by the communication and transfer of knowledge regarding their educational programs and processes.
– Universidad del Mayab – México

It was very interesting, and in particular the two universities I visited were very different. Both management models were excellent.

– Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú – Perú

It was a very enriching experience. It allows you to see different perspectives and management models, as well as exchange experiences in a very rewarding environment. Prof. Ervey L. Hernández coordinated UABC’s program, which was well-organized and very enriching, thanks especially to the diversity and variety of meetings with members of the university at its different campuses. It was an experience to be had time and time again.

– Universidad Politécnica de Valencia – España

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