About the program

The purpose of RECLA’s scholarship program is to foster cooperation among the network of member universities by providing scholarships for their continuing education programs, which can be offered to teachers, administrative officers, graduates, and students from other universities that are also part of RECLA.

This incentivizes academic exchange, internationalization, and mobility, which represent valuable benefits for the scholarship recipients and participating universities.

How can universities participate?
  • RECLA members offer a certain number of full and partial scholarships in continuing education programs to Network participants. There are two types: full scholarships equivalent to 100% of the cost of tuition, and partial scholarships equivalent to 50% of the cost of tuition.
  • To join the scholarship program, the member institution must offer a minimum of 5 full scholarships and 5 half scholarships, in at least 3 different continuing education programs.
  • In order to offer scholarships as part of this program, the member institution’s annual membership dues and other obligations to the Network must be in good standing.
  • The scholarships may be for onsite, virtual, distance, or mixed learning programs.
  • Scholarships may include supplemental assistance for expenses such as travel, lodging, food, books, etc.
  • Scholarship recipients may be non-teacher personnel, teachers, students, or graduates of RECLA member universities. Each university will advertise the program as appropriate through its internal communication channels.
  • Scholarship candidates must meet the admission requirements for each program, which are established by the offering university.
  • Each member offering a scholarship will be in charge of participant registration and will send a report to RECLA’s Secretary every six months with the following information: full name of each scholarship recipient, university of origin, courses taken, type of scholarship awarded (100% or 50%), and value of each scholarship in USD.
How can candidates receive a scholarship?
  • Candidates must meet the requirements for each program or course being offered.
  • Candidates must complete the registration process required by the offering university, according to its procedures. Scholarship recipients must comply with the academic and disciplinary regulations of the university.
  • Scholarship recipients must pay RECLA an administrative fee:
  • 10% of the program value for full scholarships
  • 5% of the program value for partial scholarships
  • Scholarship candidates must select an academic program at a different institution than the one to which they belong. This means they cannot join a program at their own institution.
What is the scholarship award schedule?
  • The scholarship program is released every six months.
  • Applications for scholarships for the first semester are open until 11/30 of the previous year, and the scholarships are awarded in December. Applications for scholarships for the second semester are open until 4/30, and the scholarships are awarded in May.

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